I am Sara, married to Beni and an enthusiastic nurse in the hospital, now traveling in the wide world. South America, my absolute favorite destination, which is why I also know some Spanish. But I like being at home just as much. Cozy hours with friends or adventures in the mountains, what more could you want. Bratwurst with gravy and Rivella, I always look forward to that when I come home. I'm just as happy about the unknown tastes and stories in the wide world. I prefer to be active on the road, always hoping to find a good coffee spot somewhere and the right light for beautiful photos.


I am Beni, married to Sara, a studied theologian and youth worker in the church. I like to be active on the road, whether at home in the mountains, with a self-made raft in Canada or on horseback in Mongolia. The call of the wide world is all too familiar to me. Discovering new things with people dear to me and capturing this with the camera is a great passion. Another is the outdoor equipment, about which I can talk at length, but prefer to try it out under different conditions.