After the East, the West awaits

After the first year, during which we cycled eastwards, our next adventure begins in the west - more precisely in South America. New continent, new language, new means of transport.


Santiago de Chile. The starting point of the second part of our journey, which will take us around the South American continent. After a month's break in Switzerland, we are ready for our next adventure. But first we have to get used to the new temperatures. While it was still summer in Switzerland, we have now landed in the middle of winter. Even though it is comparatively mild here, the unheated flats are especially hard on us at the beginning. But for something we have our down jacket with us and even a heated mattress in our flat...

For the first three weeks we have already looked for accommodation from Switzerland, as we want to buy a car here. We soon begin to search the various forums for a suitable vehicle. A Toyota 4Runner catches our eye, which is already equipped with a roof tent, kitchen, solar panel and fridge - pretty much exactly what we have in mind. So we get in touch with the owners, a French couple, and rummage around in the meantime. We don't have to wait too long and they get back to us. After some back and forth, it turns out that it also works out very well for them in terms of time and they agree to a sale. Wow, that was easy, we got a hit with our first enquiry! As they are still in Bolivia, we have to wait and see. But we have reckoned with that and use the time to brush up our Spanish and, in Beni's case, to learn it at all. We enrol in a language school and spend the mornings cramming and the afternoons exploring the city.

We visit the different neighbourhoods, called barrios, climb the hills of the city and soak up the atmosphere during countless coffees. On Switzerland's bank holidays, we even get to enjoy mulled wine and Lindor chocolate balls, there would also have been racelette or cervalat. This was in a Swiss school, where a public festival was held on this day. But there was no real August atmosphere, it felt more like a trade fair. On Sunday, we visit the Life Church, where we experience our first South American church service. Despite the interesting city, we are slowly but surely beginning to feel a tug for nature and are very happy to soon be able to set off and discover this exciting continent.

When the French arrive in Santiago, things suddenly move very quickly. With the help of an agency, we have the vehicle checked again and take care of all the paperwork. Even though it is comparatively easy to buy or sell a car in Chile, we are happy to be supported and everything goes smoothly within a few days. So now we are the owners of our first car! The last errands are quickly made and then we finally set off. Santiago, it was a nice stay, but now let's go for bigger adventures!