Our new home

The first days of our journey led us from Winterthur over the Arlberg to Innsbruck.


So we're sitting hear surounded by mountains and are enjoying the last glimpses of the sun. The first days of our journey are over and even though we're still close to home we're definitely on the road now. We've traded our flat for a tent and our only thoughts concern the here and now: What should we eat? How far should we go today? Where can we dry our clothes?
Especially the last question has been a constant one due to the present weather. The first five days on the bike haven't exactly been dry. Even though we weren't hit directly by thunderstorms there were very few dry hours. This is why we chose to spend our nights on camping grounds more often than originally anticipated. A hot shower was just to big of a temptation.

After two days we crossed the first border. We passed through Lichtenstein and straight into Austria where a first highlight awaited us. And high it was. Steering through dense fog we climbed the Arlberg. The views would probably have been amazing. We'll never know. Our mood matched the weater. At least it was all downhill from there. Innsbruck was waiting for us!

According to our Swiss exit form this is our new home. The first town was entered as destination. It could have been worse. The candor and helpfullness of the Austrian people have taken us by surprise. We were adressed when looking for the way on our phones. We were offered to sleep in the common room if our tent couldn't resist the heavy rain. And an employee of a closed restaurant saw us standing there and came outside to point us to a good alternative.
The weather could be better but we like it here!