Real Italian tomato sauce

Of beautiful encounters and Italian culinary art.


How do you get to know people? This is a question we've been asking ourselves over the past few weeks. Of course, you always get to talk to people. For example, when we push our heavily loaded bikes onto the campsite, or during a leisurely lunch break on a seaside promenade. Our way of travelling attracts glances, but usually only short conversations arise, which mainly revolve around our plans or past bicycle tours of our counterpart. Even if we appreciate these short conversations and the interest, it would often be exciting to get to know someone a little better. And completely unexpectedly this happened a first time...

On another very hot day we arrive around noon in Rab, a medieval town on the island of the same name. Now we are supposed to go to the next island, but there is no car ferry to it, which is exactly the reason for our plans. We are told that a small boat will leave in the evening and we spend the remaining time in the old town. After a cooling bath in the sea we sit in the shade of an old chestnut tree on a stone bench enjoying the colorful hustle and bustle of the town.
Suddenly two cyclists of our age climb up from the sea and you can tell they've been riding in the blazing sun. Later we meet them again at the port. They also want to go to the island, but they are not the only ones. The captain tells us that he can't take the bikes, too many people.

However, a water cab is quickly found, which gladly takes four cyclists to the next island and so we are soon sitting in the small boat, the bikes between us. We enjoy the ride in the evening sun and start talking about our equipment. Michele and Pietro from northern Italy are on an ambitious two week tour. Photos are taken and when we arrive on the island we want to say goodbye.
Since they travel lighter and therefore do not carry a stove they are looking for a restaurant, which turns out to be more difficult than expected. We on the other hand still have no place for the night. So we decide to join forces.

When we arrive at the campsite we first enjoy the sea, which shines golden in the sunset. This evening refreshment is already part of our daily routine. Afterwards we start cooking. Or rather Michele and Pietro do so. With a passion that is unparalleled, they set about cooking pasta with tomato sauce. Now it's not like we've never done this before and normally this would be a straight forward meal for us. What philistines we are in this regard. With a lot of love, the onion is finely chopped. Then everything is slowly cooked down with rosemary, which Pietro has freshly picked.

When we can finally eat in the light of our flashlights, we have to admit: This is how pasta with tomato sauce is done! Even if the two apologize for the pasta, which is not up to their standards, we enjoy this authentic piece of Italy to the fullest. We sit together talking and let the evening fade away.

When we say goodbye to each other early the next morning, we realize with satisfaction that it is not so difficult to get to know people after all.

And from now on we will cook tomato sauce longer. Promised!