Servus from Salzburg

Salzburg - about Colombian hospitality, unplanned hikes and 'Biergarten' visits.


We had read and heard good things about Salzburg which is why our expectations were accordingly high. And we weren't disappointed.

3 nights in a Hostel, what a luxury. 3 nights at the same place and 3 nights in a proper bed. A real treat for us. As we entered the town we could get a first glimpse of the narrow streets and the imposing buildings. Taking in all this grandeur we had to watch out not to run over any pedestrians.

On the first evening however we are taken into another world. At the Colombian bistro just around the corner, an authentic Colombian woman awaits us with the best food from Sara's favorite continent. It's absolutely delicious. The short walk afterwards turns out to be a little longer than planned. We are looking for the optimal photo spot. With less than perfect footwear, we walk around on the Kapuzinerberg, where the damage from the last storms is still clearly visible. At some point we reach the desired spot for the photo, which we are happy about, because we feel our legs at every ascent. The days on the bike have left their mark...

The second day is all about sightseeing. We visit the castle, which towers over the city. We are pretty happy about the cooling walls, because the temperatures have exceeded our comfort level. In the evening we visit the brewery's 'Biergarten', always looking for inexpensive food spots. Here we really immerse ourselves in the local culture. A large garden under chestnut trees, the beer tapped directly from the barrel and the food wholesome and tasty. The 'Schnitzel'is as big as a head, the internet claims. We can confirm. Everyone meets here. Tourist and Salzburg residents, children and grandmothers, families and young people, a cozy place. If you have asked yourself, there's not much fuss about Corona here.. In Austria, as a vaccinated person, you can do almost anything with a certificate.

So we'll head south soon. Salzburg is beautiful. We'll be back someday. Until then there's a lot more awaiting us.