Unexpected twists

Things don't turn out the way you think they will, we all know that. In this case, we ourselves are responsible for the unexpected turns on our journey...


There are definitely enough unexpected things when you are travelling and Corona is an additional factor that makes planning difficult. In our case, however, it is not Corona that throws our plans out of kilter, but we ourselves.

During our road trip through Bulgaria, we thought a lot about how to continue our journey. We are drawn to warmer climes, where winter is more bearable for overnight stays in tents and daytime activities outside. Jordan is high on our agenda, but somehow our own plans don't convince us and we keep discussing the continuation of the trip. We miss the adventure. With the rented car and tent it is pleasant, but it feels a lot like travelling from one point to another and we feel less of the country than before, although we see much more because the distances are easier to cover. After much discussion, we end up talking about getting our bikes back and our enthusiasm is rekindled. The idea of travelling on our two-wheelers again immediately takes hold of both of us. Unfortunately, we sent them back to Switzerland in November, so there is only one thing left to do. Let's go home!

So we spend two weeks in Switzerland, enjoy the winter and visit many friends and family (unfortunately not all of them due to the limited time). Then we pack our bikes, fill our saccoches and once again enjoy a PCR test.
We still have to jitter a bit about our flight, as many flights have been cancelled due to the snow in Istanbul, but luckily we can fly and land in snowy Istanbul. We hope that the snow will melt soon and we can continue our cycling trip in snow-free conditions, knowing that it might not be the last snow on this trip.
Before we start with part two of our cycling tour, we spend a few more days in the city, because there is so much to discover here.